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Sin Eater is a comic series about a man who can absolve sins by consuming them.

Fourteen men and women survive the destruction of the Tower of Babel. They are tasked with saving Man's soul through the act of consuming all of their accumulated sin. Through the ravages of time, the Sin eaters are always there. They view everything that you have ever done, and defeat your inner demons in order for your soul to be free.

The Fourteen survivors create seven families, one for each Cardinal Sin. The families establish businesses to survive off of each vice. They continue to do proper work, but a shadow looms in the darkness that seeks to destroy everything.

Sin Eater is a fast paced comic with action, love, and a unique twist on religion.

Book 1 cover finished.jpg

CREATOR: John Simmons
INTERIOR ART: Marcos Almeida
INTERIOR COLORS: Aikau de Oliveira
LETTERS: Jaymes Reed



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