• John Simmons

Sin Eater is born.

For over a decade I have tried to develop a story that I found engaging and I thought people would find entertaining. I chose fantasy as my genre. I had these big ideas that I would create a world with an elaborate backstory, a pantheon of gods, civilizations, and heroes. I drew maps then destroyed them, then drew more maps. I wrote 100 pages of story. I developed cities and dragons, but it just didn't feel right. I was talking with my good friend Ben Schmidt one day, and I remembered the movie Sin Eater, the one with Heath Ledger. We had been talking about the new Star Wars show Mandalorian. I don't really remember how I made the jump from one to the other, but I started blurting out this idea. Immortals that go around and consume sins. We chatted about it for a little bit then I tossed in the idea of each following the line of a Cardinal sin. The rough outline of Sin Eater was born.

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